How to Install a Deadbolt Strike Plate

How to Install a Deadbolt Strike Plate Locksmiths

A deadbolt is a very secure type of locking mechanism.  It reinforces the lock on a door by making it more difficult to open.  It cannot be moved into the open position unless the lock cylinder is rotated. Adding a deadbolt will add resistance to entering without the right key do so your home will be more secure.  It is most commonly used as a complement to a normal spring bolt lock at the entrance of the building.  Learn how to install a deadbolt strike plate with the information we’ve provided below.

Installing the strike plate for a deadbolt has to be a very exact process.  A lot of people make the same mistakes when attempting to self-install a deadbolt’s strike plate.  Most commonly, they do not align the strike plate in the exact position to line up with the spring.  Many people also try to install a new strike plate in the same hole formed by the previous strike plate.  They may also be using the wrong size screw because a strike plate requires long ones.

Installing your deadbolt strike plate

When you install a strike plate, there are three parts.  You have to assemble the strike frame reinforce, metal liner and finished strike plate.  You must make sure that you are not installing this new strike plate in the same hole that the old one used because otherwise it will not have good wood to attach to and your plate will fall loose almost immediately.  You will first have to create a slightly large hole.  Then, screw in the rough strike plate.  Next, using two long (3 inch) screws, penetrate the wall frame.  You will need to drill pilot holes for them first.  Then insert both the metal liner and finished strike plate.  You should make sure to test your lock and make any necessary adjustments.

Continuing problems

If you cannot seem to install the deadbolt strike plate properly, have questions before starting, or would like a professional to help you should find qualified companies who can help you out.  Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local locksmiths immediately.  Just input your problem, location and availability and TalkLocal will do the rest.  Within minutes you should be on the phone with someone who is ready to help you out.

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