How to Make the Front Door More Secure

How to Make the Front Door More Secure Locksmiths

The front door is one of the most important entry points in your house, especially if you live in an apartment where it’s the only entry point.  Learn how to make the front door more secure with the tips we’ve provided below.

Add a strike box

Most times, flimsy strike plates (the metal plate that surrounds the hole where the deadbolt enters) are only secured by short screws that can be removed.  A strike box with a structure that has a metal pocket and secures directly into the wall stud beside the door, making it far more secure.

Get quality doors

Not all doors are made equal.  If you knock on the door and you hear a hollow sound, you’ll immediately need to replace those doors.  Hollow doors are a major security liability since they may easily be knocked down or destroyed.  Exterior doors should instead be made our of solid wood, fiberglass, or metal.

Install wide-angle peepholes

Peepholes will allow you to see how who is on the other side of the door without opening it.  Wide-angle peepholes with covers would be best as they prevent people from using tools such as reverse peephole users.

Add a heavy duty dead bolt

Dead bolts are low-cost and effective additions to your security system.  Make sure your door has a dead bolt which is either double-cylindered (which is keyed on both sides) or single-cylinder (keyed only on the outside).  Also make sure that the dead bolt has a grade 1 security rating as well.

Secure exposed hinges

The hinges should always be on the inside of the door, or else your door pins risk being taken out and your door being removed.  If your hinges are on the outside, you will need to rehang the door and replace the original pins with non-removable hinge pins.  Each hinge needs to be secured to the frame with 3-inch screws as well, regardless of whether the hinge is exposed or not.

These tips will help you ensure your front door is both sturdy and secure against all unwanted intruders and burglars.  Most of these tips can be done on your own, but if you’re looking to make more extensive renovations or are really concerned about security, it’s highly recommended that you talk with a locksmith about further improvements. TalkLocal can put you in contact with a local high-quality locksmith in just minutes.

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