Top 10 Things to do with your Kids this Summer

School’s out, the pool is open, and temperatures are up; summer is officially here and your kids are on cloud nine. Summer marks the beginning of lots of trips to the beach, neighborhood cookouts, and ultimate relaxation time. If you’re a parent at home with your kids this summer, avoid the boredom train with these 10 summer activities that don’t involve sitting on the couch watching Spongebob. The key to staying busy and having fun is mixing it up, so don’t be afraid to try new things!

1.     Revamp your backyard: Take an old tire and some rope and make a tire swing, set up a backyard theater, or build the ultimate tent. Disney’s Family Fun website has great ideas for backyard fun that will last all summer long.

2.     Have an “arts & crafts day” once a week: Websites like Pinterest are great for finding DIY crafts perfect for kids. Your kids will love getting crafty, and will be proud of their finished products.

3.     Try a new summer recipe once a week: Again, Pinterest has tons of ideas for easy, kid-friendly treats that you and your kids can make together. We love these M&M, pretzel and peanut butter bananas for a fun afternoon snack.

4.     Water fun: Whether it’s a neighborhood water balloon fight or a sprinkler in the front yard, playing with water is a great way to let the kids have  fun while staying cool. You can even host happy hour on the deck while the kids play!

5.     Road trip to an amusement park: This can be a fun and inexpensive day trip! Most amusement parks offer great deals for families, and coupons for ticket discounts can be found almost everywhere.

6.     Visit the library: The library doesn’t have to be boring! Check out new books each week, or check your local library’s schedule for summer reading groups for children.

7.     Catch a movie: Don’t rule this one out yet! Regal is offering a Summer Movie Express at participating theaters that will show G- and PG-rated movies for only $1 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00.

8.     Visit the fair: Does your town host a fair during the summer? If not, neighboring towns probably do. This could a fun day- or night-time activity for the whole family. Ride rides, visit the petting zoo, and eat some cotton candy with your kids.

9.     Take a trip to the zoo: The zoo can be both fun and educational; surely a memorable trip for both you and your kids!

10.   Organize a fishing trip: Walk to a nearby pond, or rent a boat at a lake and take your kids fishing. This is a new and different idea to switch things up a bit.

Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s all about having fun and spending quality time with your kids. Don’t let the boredom sink in this summer, and make it one to remember!

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