St. Patrick’s Day Planner – Crafts, Activities, and Meals – For the Kids!

Written by Dallea Caldwell

St. Patrick's Day Planner - Crafts, Activities, and Meals - For the Kids! - Seva Call

St. Patrick’s day is Sunday March 17th. That means the kids will be home from school and if they’re still cool enough to dork around with mom and dad all day, you can have a day full of fun- celebrating Irish culture! If you’ve got more enthusiasm than you do ideas, here’s an itinerary that will make this holiday one you won’t forget!

St. Patrick’s Day Planner

Breakfast- Irish Soda Farls
Served fresh with butter and jam, in 20 minutes you can turn all-purpose flour, butter milk, table salt, and baking soda into a delicious authentic Irish breakfast. Here’s the recipe!

Craft- Have fun trying to lure your own leprechaun to the house. Take a page from this craft mom for the kiddies and maybe even come up with a “booby trap”- no need for anything too sophisticated, ropes and baskets should be fine. Then, get away from the house so as not to scare the lucky little guy off!

On the road- Ask the kids to spot as many different types of green colored objects as they can and reward them with a green M&M for each once you get home (not all in one sitting of course).

Explore- Hopefully the sun is still as high and as warm as it’ll get all day. So head over to the park and search for clovers, or maybe just play tag.

Lunch- If you have a hankering for classic corned beef and cabbage, you’re in luck. Go ahead and whip up this delish sandwich.

Now, let’s get moving!

Activity- Leprechaun hide and seek!
Everyone else close your eyes or gather in one room! Each of you gets a chance to be the Leprechaun, hide the “Pot of Gold” (created using whatever household materials or dollar store props you like) and tuck away in your secret hiding place. The family has 10 minutes to find you and/or your Pot of Gold. If someone finds your pot of Gold but you haven’t been found, they can steal the gold and return the pot! If they find you, they get three guesses/clues, but if they’re wrong, they let you go find a new hiding space. The goal to the get the most charm points.
Finding the Leprechaun- 3pts
Finding the pot of Gold- 3pt
Finding just the pot- 2pts

Dinner- With such a busy day, it might be a smart idea to save time with a simple one pot solution. How about this crockpot Irish Chicken Stew recipe!

Make St. Patrick’s Day A Family Day

Whatever you do, enjoy this day as another opportunity to make precious memories before the little ones run off chasing their respective pots of gold in life.  And, if you want to (what the hey!) throw a party, TalkLocal can help you find a last minute party planner too!

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