Types of Plants for Japanese Garden

Types of Plants for Japanese Garden Landscapers

Japanese gardens are famed for their unique look.  They are traditional gardens that aim to create miniature idealized landscapes.  These zen grounds are favored for their fancifully perfect atmosphere.  Many people go to Japanese gardens specifically to meditate and relax.  Japanese gardens originated on the small island country but have spread to all parts of the world.  These popular alternatives to traditional backyards have become more and more common throughout the western world. Check out this article to learn about the different types of plants for Japanese gardens including common Japanese scenery types, garden types, and plants.

There are three types of scenery for Japanese gardens:

1)   Reduced scale method – all natural elements reproduced on smaller scale

2)   Symbolization method-  abstract, uses elements to symbolize bigger pictures

3)   Borrowed views method – uses elements to imply scenes different than reality

There are also two types of gardens:

1)   Tsukiyami –  consists of hills and ponds

2)   Hiraniwa – flat ground with elements on top

The common types of plants found in Japanese gardens are:

1)   Bonsai – everyday shrubs trained to look like old large trees in miniature form

2)   Evergreens – Japanese Black Pines, Himalayan white pines

3)   Deciduous trees – scarlet maple, willow, water oak

4)   Hedges – Japanese barberry, pittosporum, yew, weigela

5)   Flowers – irises, tree peonies, azalea

6)   Other – Moss, sweet flag, ardisia, spurge

Professional Help

If you have problems with choosing plants for your Japanese garden you should seek professional help.  For example, in Japanese gardening, trees are planted scarcely, so professional could tell you how far away you need to plant a tree and how big you should expect it to grow. Landscapers have extensive knowledge about what plants work best with your climate and backyard. Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local landscaping businesses.  You don’t have to do any work! Simply input your problem and availability and within minutes your should be connected to someone who can help you out.

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