How to Connect Electrical Outlets in a Series

How to Connect Electrical Outlets in Series Electricians

Electrical outlets in a series, as opposed to electrical outlets in a parallel circuit, allow you to access electricity from multiple sources without the individual wiring for each source to the main.  Well-placed outlet series can minimize the strain that your outlets may face by being overloaded with multiple plugs.  Continue reading for more information on how to connect electrical outlets in a series.


Materials needed: Drill and drill bit(s) corresponding do your outlet settings, screwdriver, wire cutters, electrical cable, electrical outlet kits (depending on how many you want installed), sharpie marker, measuring tape, and rubber gloves.

1.  Go into your place’s circuitry box and power off the specific outlet that you are using.  Make sure that it is the correct one before you start working.  Put your gloves on at this stage.

2.  Using the screwdriver, loosen the two screws on the outlet you want to connect from and pull out the outlet without disconnecting any wires from it.

3.  Measure how far up from the ground the outlet you want to connect from is.

4.  Line up the electrical outlet you want to install with the position and the correct distance from the ground that you measured.

5.  Mark the studs between the desired outlet position from the original outlet, taking into account the correct distance form the ground.

6.  Drill holes at the marked spots.

7.  Weave the cable between the outlets through the holes.

8.  Connect the wiring to the original outlet.  The black wire goes to the brass screw.  The white wire goes to the silver screw.  The green wire goes to the green screw.

9.  Reattach the original outlet back to its original position.

10.  Connect the desired (new) outlet and install it as well.

11.  Test the new outlet.

It’s generally a good idea to consult an electrician regarding how to connect electrical outlets in a series in order to make sure you know what you are doing.  TalkLocal can help you find the correct local experts in this case, saving you time and energy in what may be a stressful situation.

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