How to Use Shade Cloth in Garden

How to Use Shade Cloth in Garden Landscapers

A shade cloth or shade sail is a device used outdoors to provide shade. The shade can be either for humans, animals, or gardens. These cloths were originally based on the technology from a ship’s sail that was created to protect its sailors from extended exposure to the sun. Over time, these shade cloths are becoming used less by humans as sunscreen and more for gardens to protect plants from the extreme heats of summer. Shade cloths also come in different density levels. In the case of a garden, you will want a shade cloth with a density level between 50-60%.  Read this article to learn how to use shade cloth in garden.

The process of using a shade cloth in a garden is relatively simple. You start out by digging a roughly one-foot deep hole in each corner of your garden.  If your garden is unusually long, you may want to dig an additional hole in the middle of your garden as well. Wooden stakes that are about four to five feet long will be inserted into these holes. These stakes should fill the hole completely and not move around at all. If they holes aren’t filled, simply pour some soil within the hole to completely cover it; stomp on these areas to pack down the soil tightly to keep the stakes in place.

The next step is to prepare the shade cloth material. Chances are, your shade cloth isn’t the exact size you need it to be, so you will need to cut it to accomodate your garden. Use a tape measure and scissors to cut the cloth about four to five inches longer than the length and width of your garden. Be sure not to leave too much or to little space, or else your shade cloth won’t work 100% correctly.

With the shade cloth cut properly, the next step is to place this cloth on top of the wooden stakes. To attach the shade cloth to the stakes, use a staple gun, nails, or even superglue to ensure the cloth doesn’t blow away. To have your shade cloth be as effective as possible, stretch the cloth across your garden as tightly as is possible and secure it to the stakes. Do this to both sides of the cloth. Once you are done, your shade cloth will be protect your garden from the sun’s heat.

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