Is it Safe to Connect Extension Cord to Power Strip?

Is it Safe to Connect Extension Cord to Power Strip? Electricians

You may be asking yourself if it is safe to connect an extension cord to a power strip. An overloaded power strip or a faulty extension cord can put your entire family in danger. Electrical fires can be difficult to both predict and control, so follow these safety precautions when dealing with potential threats in your home.

Safety Precautions

Electrical devices like extension cords and power strips are made to handle the amount of electrical current as prescribed on the device. However, defective electrical devices can be overloaded easily and pose as a safety threat.

If you suspect a device might be defective, exercise the following precautions:

1. Look for a certification of testing. If it has one, the device is most likely fine.┬áCertifications are found on the cord near the plug for extension cords. For power strips, check under the device’s casing.

2. Devices used with polarized plugs minimize the risk of electrical overload and shock. Use devices that account for plugs with one metal tip wider than the other, or plugs with a ground charge three-plug system.

3. Heavy-duty and commercial/industrial cords and strips have a higher current tolerance, further minimizing the risk of an electrical overload. Use these if you can get them.

4. Devices used outdoors and near water should be treated carefully, as not to come in contact with water. Make sure that there are no open wires hanging around.

5. Do not cover the cords in operation – this may result in the cord itself being overheated and causing a fire. If you find a cord that is unusually hot and it is not in exposure to direct sunlight and/or covered, stop using the device and check the cord immediately.

Additional Help

If you feel like you need professional help on using electrical connections and devices, TalkLocal can help with finding the correct local experts in this case, saving you time and energy in what may be a stressful situation.

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