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Outdoor Fire Pit Designs - Landscapers

Summer is in full effect around the United States, which is prime time for gathering around a fire for a cookout, to toast marshmallows or just to hang out. With the advent of both portable and built-in fire pits, having a fire in a suburban setting has never been easier.

Not only do outdoor fire pits serve a function, but they have transformed into decorator pieces and might be a welcomed addition to your landscape if employed tastefully.

If you are trying to gauge whether or not an outdoor fire pit might be right for your landscape, here are some outdoor fire pit designs that you can mull over.

Traditional fire rings: These are classic, round fire pits. They can be constructed out of a variety of materials, from bricks to rocks. The material is placed in a ring around the fire pit in order to contain the kindling. These can either be dug into the ground or raised above it. This is easily one of the most common outdoor fire pit designs.

Fire bowls: Think of a large, round planting bowl. Instead of a plant and soil inside, picture a fire. That’s what fire bowls are: a modern, chic take on fire pits. These are one of the trendy outdoor fire pit designs that go well in suburban settings.

Fire tables: With today’s technology, you can have a fire pit right on the dinner table. These are called fire tables, and they take small fire pits (in a variety of shapes and sizes) and incorporate them into a table. This way, you can enjoy the warmth of a fire and not have to be sitting next to a fire pit.

Gas/propane pits: If your fire is more for show and you do not want to mess with gathering wood and paper to start it, a gas or propane pit might be for you. While these come in a variety of styles, one thing remains the same — they are operated on gas or propane. This technology is often implemented both in fire bowls and fire tables. There is never any mess to clean up.

Find Help Installing A Fire Pit

If a fire pit is going to be a permanent part of your landscape, you might want to let the pros handle it. If you are looking for a landscaper in your area that can get the job done, you are in luck — TalkLocal can help.

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  1. S.F. says:

    Personally my favorite is a fire pit table. Dual purpose is always an added bonus. I especially like pub height tables that you can put chairs around, sip a beverage and enjoy the evening! Fire and Water in Richland, WA builds fire pits of all shapes and sizes and they are gorgeous! Exactly what you need to take the edge off of a chilly night! http://www.fireandwater.us

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