Is it Safe to Paint while Pregnant if you Wear a Mask

Is it Safe to Paint while Pregnant if you Wear a Mask Painters

You’re pregnant and preparing for the newborns room so you might be wondering, is it safe to paint while pregnant if you wear a mask?  If you have already inhaled paint fumes, do not worry because there is only a small chance that birth defects will actually result.  However, the following is a list of precautions alongside some information to keep you informed so you can make the best decisions for you and your child when painting while you are pregnant.

Wearing a mask can be beneficial if you are painting while you are pregnant.  However, it is very important to pay attention to the type of masks you are purchasing along with taking other necessary precautions to reduce the risk of birth defects.  Wearing a mask is a great option when painting while you are pregnant but if you take other precautions, wearing a mask may not be necessary.

Are there preferred styles of masks to buy?

Yes – buy respirator masks. Check on the back of the box to make sure they are approved to keep out both debris and fumes.  Many masks are made to simply keep out debris but the main issue with paint while you are pregnant is the fumes.

What type of paint is the safest?

The safest paints to use are latex (or acrylic) paints.  Latex paints are not made with the more harmful materials that are used in other paints.  Working in well-ventilated areas is imperative while using even latex paints.  In addition, if you feel sick at all, take a break and get some fresh air.  Check out this helpful link to gather more information – painting while pregnant.

What types of paints are more harmful than others?

Oil-based paints are more harmful than latex paints and should be avoided.  Exposure to oil-based paints has a much higher risk of miscarriages.  If you do have to be around oil-based paints, make sure the area is well ventilated, your skin is covered and your time is limited in the exposure area.

What is something that I may not be aware of?

Remember lead paint?  Even if you are not painting with lead paint, you should still take precautions.  Be aware that you are not sanding or scraping any old paint that may be lead paint.  This will release the fumes into the air and may cause major problems for you or your child.

These precautions only reduce the chances of harm; none of these steps will completely eliminate the threats.  In order to keep yourself and your child completely free from harm, hiring a painter is the best option.  To find a painter that will come at the exact time that fits your schedule and is in your area, use Seva Call.  You will be directly connected to mutliple highly rated painters within minutes.

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