Can Heat Crack a Car Window

Can Heat Crack a Car Window Auto Glass Repair

It’s summer. That means it’s hot.  And when it’s hot outside, it sure does makes opening that car door uncomfortable after it’s been roasting in the sun all day.

A legitimate question that you might ask yourself is: can heat crack a car window? Some rumors state that if all of your windows are closed tightly, lasting, high temperatures can raise the pressure in your car so much so that it causes cracking. Others may think that if there is already a crack in your windshield or other car window, excessive heat can cause further cracking.

It is unsure whether either of these situations is certain to occur, and what the actual required temperature would be for this to happen. But either way, it is not only a safe bet to leave your windows slightly open, but also a way to reduce the overall temperature inside your car. Don’t leave your windows open enough so that someone can reach in and unlock your doors or steal any personal belongings. Instead, just roll down your windows a couple of inches so that there is some air circulating through your car while it sits in the parking lot or driveway.

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  1. Maggie Allen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this info on how heat affects a car window. I actually had no idea that it isn’t know whether the temperature greatly affects the window. However, I still won’t take any chances, and I’ll start rolling my windows down a few inches. Hopefully that will prevent any potential cracks while I’m at work!

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