How to Open Locked Car Door – Updated 2016

How to Open Locked Car Door - Auto Repair

So you lost your keys, or maybe you locked them your car. You could call a locksmith, but why pay for a service that you may be able to do yourself? We have some ideas on how to open locked car door – but only if the car you’re opening is yours!

The Coat Hanger Method

1. Fully uncoil the coat hanger. Make one side of the long piece of metal into a hook about the size of your finger. Make the hook into a U or V shape.

2. You will want to slide the hooked side in between the glass of the window and the protective rubber that is pressed against the glass. By pulling the rubber back, you will have an opening to stick the hook through.

3. Slide the hook inside the window and push it down 2-3 inches, then you will want to rotate the hook so that it is facing the inside of the car.

4. Feel around for the mechanism that controls the lock. If you do not succeed at first, continue trying. It may take several attempts until you successfully get under the lever and unlock the door.

The Suction Method

1. To use a plunger, apply some cream around the edge of the plunger, giving the plunger extra suction.

2. Place the plunger over the key hole so that the keyhole is directly in the middle of the plunger. With one forceful and direct pump, the lock should pop open. This takes time to perfect, so continue trying until you successfully unlock the lock.

You can also use a tennis ball for the suction method.

1. The tennis ball should have a small hole in it. This can be done by heating up a key or screw driver over the stove.

2. Once the metal object is hot enough, stick it into the ball and rotate the ball around it to try to shred the ball and make a hole.

3. Place the hole in the tennis ball directly over the keyhole. Hold the ball with one hand, and use your stronger hand to  pump the hard to unlock the car door. The air pressure created from the suction of the ball can unlock the car door.

The String Method

1. First, you will need approximately 3-5 5 feet of sturdy string, such as paracord. You can purchase paracord for as low as $3.29 from Amazon as of April 18, 2016. Make a slip knot in the middle of the string, creating a 1 to 2-inch loop. (Ensure that the knot is tight. You want it to close but not too easily.)

2. Pry the door apart with a screwdriver or similar object just enough for you to slip the knot inside the car. You may be able to do this with your hands as well, depending on your strength.

3. Once you slip the knotted string through the hole, line up the loop with the top of the lock. Lower the string so that the lock is inside of the loop. Pull the legs of the string to close the loop. Make sure that the knot is taut.

4. As you pull one leg of the string taut, pull the other leg of string straight up. Voila! Your car door is unlocked.

car door lock switch

The string method only works on car doors that have the pull-up style locks, such as this one.

Professional Help

A insurance provider or AAA might assist you in situations like this. If you personally do not have AAA, you can ask a friend to call for you. Most of the time, the professional will not ask for your name or policy number, however you may want your friend to be with you just in case. You could also take the easy way out and just break the window, but then you have a broken window to deal with.

If you are not comfortable breaking into your own car, or you don’t want to be accused of breaking into cars in a parking lot, call in the cavalry. TalkLocal will find you a locksmith in your area who is ready to help. Use TalkLocal today!

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