How Can You Tell if Your RAM is Going Bad

How Can You Tell if Your RAM is Going Bad Computer Repair

A RAM stands for “Random Access Memory,” and is physically the computer memory chip that is handled for calculations, not storing data like the hard drive. Because the flow of memory on the chip is so volatile (constant shifting of data as the computer operates), the current modern technology cannot produce drives with higher RAM capacity as equal to the hard drives.   Sometimes RAM can go back inside the computer.  You might be thinking to yourself, how can you tell if your RAM is going bad?  This article should help answer this.

Signs That You Should Be Replacing RAM

1. Computer slowing down drastically whenever you do an extensive action, such as playing a high-graphics game or using/downloading a large file.

2. Computer crashing whenever you do extensive actions.

3. Large fan noise coming from a computer whenever you do extensive actions.

These are the basic signs that you should be replacing your RAM. To actually verify that your RAM needs an upgrade/replacement, run a test on each of the RAM modules installed on your computer.

You can do this buy borrowing a RAM chip from another similar computer (there are only certain types of RAM chips that a specific model can use), replacing that with the one you already have, and doing the usual processes that made your previous settings crash (extensive actions).

Assuming that the computer that you took the RAM chip from was previously able to perform those same extensive actions, you can tell if the RAM chip is the problem by seeing whether you experience the same symptoms after replacing the RAM chip.

If the computer still has problems with the extensive processes even with the new RAM chip, the problem is most likely with the computer, not the RAM chip. However if the computer works fine with the new RAM chip, then the RAM chip was the problem.

Consult a professional or conduct an online search to see which RAM chips work for your computer model. You may also wish to upgrade your current RAM chip (as in, upgrade the capacity to a higher memory) or completely replace it.

Additional Help

If you feel like you need professional help on how to replace your RAM, TalkLocal can help with finding the correct local experts, saving you time and energy in what may be a stressful situation.

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