What to do when you Lost your Keys to your Car

What to do when you Lost your Keys to your Car Locksmiths

Everyone has lost their car keys at least once.  If this has happened to you, read on for information on what to do when you lost your keys to your car.

First, retrace your steps and look for them.  More often than not, you’ve just misplaced them and forgotten about it.  If this is not the case and you don’t have a set of spare keys, this leaves you with no option other than to have a new set of keys made.

–  Locate your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  This is usually in the vicinity of the driver’s side dashboard.  Call your local dealership and provide your VIN.  They can duplicate your key with this information alone.

–  Check if your insurance policy includes Roadside Assistance Coverage, which generally includes 24-hour locksmith services for when you lose your keys or lock them in the vehicle.  If you do, call your insurance company.  They will dispatch a locksmith professional to come to your car’s location and make duplicates.

–  Call a locksmith’s company and give them your VIN.  They will be able to make a duplicate key which you can pick up from them.

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