What To Expect From Roadside Assistance

What To Expect From Roadside Assistance - Towing

Many insurance policies or a AAA membership proudly boast that they offer roadside assistance. You may be left wondering what to expect from roadside assistance. Or, what exactly will be included in your roadside assistance plan? The answer to this question varies, but here is a list of general services you can expect to from such plans.

Flat Tire Repair

If your vehicle sustains a flat tire while on the road, your roadside assistance coverage should pay for a professional to meet you on location and change your tire. If you don not have a spare, you will have to pay for a new tire and its installation.


If you lock your keys in your car, or if you lose them completely, roadside assistance should cover the cost of a professional to retrieve the keys from the vehicle but not the cost of the locksmith and new keys.


In the event of a flat tire or car breakdown, your roadside assistance should cover towing. Check your policy, because many will cover towing for only a certain distance or cost. Depending on your policy, you may be required to pay the professional and be reimbursed by your insurance company later.

Out Of Fuel

If you run out of fuel on the road, most roadside assistance plans will pay for a contractor to bring you a small amount of fuel to get you to the next gas station. Generally, you will not need to pay any fees.

Dead Battery/Jump Start

If your battery is dead, many roadside assistance plans will cover the cost of a professional coming to jumpstart it. He or she will bring his or her own cables, so you do not need to have your own.

Need Help?

If you do not know what to expect from roadside assistance on your individual plan, contact a professional. TalkLocal can find a professional in your area for free. Our service is very easy and will put you in touch with someone in minutes.

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