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Best Google Chrome Extensions - Computer Repair

Google Chrome’s new feature, extensions, provides you with time-saving tools that will improve your productivity and enhance your browsing experience.

Here are the best Google Chrome Extensions that save you time and liven up your everyday, unexciting tasks.

1. Adblock Plus

Do banner ads and constant popups bother you? If yes, AdBlock Plus is your savior. AdBlock Plus allows you to surf websites ad and pop up free by blocking banners ads, video ads and flash game ads. Adblock Plus allows you to customize your filters providing you with a safer and faster web experience by blocking distracting ads.

2. Stylish

Stylish allows you to restyle the web! Using Stylish, you can install themes and skins for your favorite websites including Google, Facebook, and YouTube. You can now design a theme that changes websites’ the color and content. You can also download premade themes from the Stylish extension.

3. Google Dictionary

Looking up a word in the dictionary is simple, but can get distracting and annoying. Google Dictionary saves you time and frustration with an extremely quick online dictionary. This feature allows you to define a word by highlighting it and clicking on the dictionary button. Now you can expand your vocabulary and quickly continue reading with minimal distraction using Google Dictionary.

4. Evernote

Want to save articles, links, and webpages to read later on? Evernote allows you to save links using cloud storage. Cloud storage  allows you to access saved items from your house, office, and even your smartphone!

5. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot takes computer screenshots to the next level. Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture any portion of a page, annotate it with shapes or text, and blur your sensitive information. After customizing your screenshot, a one-click upload to gives you a shareable link you can send to your friends, family, and coworkers.

Additional Help

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