Roof Shingles Curling Up

Roof Shingles Curling Up - Roofers

Are your roof shingles curling up? Shingles that curl up at the edges of the shingle tab are signs of a worn-out roof that needs replacement as soon as possible. When inspecting your roof for damage, it is important that you walk with caution. Curled up and damaged shingles, especially in cold weather, are prone to breaking. For your own safety, avoid stepping on raised or cupped shingles.

Curled-up shingles typically result from the wear and tear of severe weather, including very high or very low temperatures.  If you live in an area with severe winters, experts recommend choosing shingles with cold climate certification. In warmer climates, extreme heat can cause the asphalt around the shingles’ protective granules to bubble. This usually occurs when roof temperature exceeds 140 F. Prevent premature aging by making sure the ventilation below the shingle is adequate. Check your attic insulation, particularly in places where the insulation touches the roof, to make sure there is not a lack of ventilation. In places where insulation touches the roof, heat beating down on the shingle cannot pass through to the attic and causes higher shingle temperatures. Normal continuous airflow in an attic can easily keep the shingles away from those damaging short-term peak temperatures.

If you notice an aging roof with curled up shingles, use TalkLocal to find a reliable roofer that works for you!

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