Tips for Asphalt Roof Repair

Tips for Asphalt Roof Repair - Roofers

Most asphalt roof shingles are made with the latest technologies that make them extremely durable and resistant to weather, wind, and fire. However, problems can still develop even with the best products in the market. Fortunately, asphalt roof repair is quite easy to do since you can flatten and re-fasten any curled shingles, while old ones can just be replaced.

Leaking Roof

Is water dripping from your ceiling, or does it have water stains? Roof leaks may be caused by missing or damaged roof shingles. Check your roof for any of these problems.

Water may also seep into the roof at points where the shingles connect or where there are weak caulking. You should also check the end caps that cover the roof peak for any problems that may cause a leak and will require asphalt roof repair.

Leaks due to metal flashing issues can be fixed simply by resealing the joints with roof cement.

Curled Shingles

If you discover shingles that have curled back, you can refasten them. Brush on a layer of asphalt roofing cement over the shingles or caulk with a suitable compound. Make sure to coat the shingle’s underside well with the cement to secure all of the edges. Press down firmly and leave to set.

Replacing Shingles

Replacement is a simple solution for rotten, badly damaged, and missing roof shingles.

1. First, carefully raise the edges of the shingles that surround the damaged one and remove the nails using a pry bar.

2. With the nails removed, slide out the shingle to be replaced.

3. Get rid of any cement residue on the roof. If there are protruding nails, remove or hammer down to level them.

4. Before putting in the replacement shingle, use a utility knife to round its corners at the back so it will be easier to slide the new shingle in. You’ll want to put it in under the existing shingle above and align it with the shingles on both sides.

5. Once it’s in place, lift the edges of the shingles that overlap and secure the top of the new shingle with roofing nails.

6. Each corner of the shingle should be nailed down. Apply roof cement over the nail heads.

7. Smooth down the edges of the overlapping shingles.

Find a Roofer Now

If you’re looking to repair or replace an entire row of roof shingles, or you notice that shingles become loose from your roof very easily, it may be best to hire a professional roofer to tackle the job or assess the condition of your roof instead of continuing to rely on spot repairs. For any help with asphalt roof repair, contact Seva Call. We can connect you with qualified roofers fast and for free.


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