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Build Flower Bed - Landscapers

If you’re considering changing the appearance of your garden by creating some flower beds, you need to start by making a basic plan. Building flower beds is not difficult, but there are many options as far as the shape of the flower bed is concerned, and you need to decide beforehand what you want.

You can create small or large flower beds, curved or rectangular, flat or raised. It depends on your preference and available garden space. That’s the beauty of creating your own, home build flower bed.

You can use a piece of paper to make a sketch before actually starting to build a flower bed. This is the best way to define what you want by establishing the size of the flower bed and its shape, the kind of flowers you want to plant and, if you want a raised flower bed, the type of border you’d like. Once you’ve established these details, you can start building your flower beds. There are several steps to take.

1. Mark the Perimeter of the Flower Bed

Use a spray paint to draw the shape of your flower bed, then delineate the perimeter by cutting a line around it.

2. Remove the Grass and Weeds

You can dig out the grass with a shovel or kill it with herbicide. If you decide to dig the grass out, fix the perimeter of the flower bed and start digging. Make sure you remove all of the grass before moving to the next stage. Herbicide kills the grass, but it’s harmful for the soil, and you won’t be able to plant anything for a while.

3. Loosen the Soil

Loosen the soil by using a shovel and a rake or a tiller. A tiller is best, especially for large flower beds, because it allows you to break up soil clumps and mix in compost. Loosen the soil about ten inches deep, and then let the soil dry a little. For smaller beds you can also use a digging fork.

4. Prepare the Soil

Spread a thick layer of compost over the loosened flower bed. Use the tiller to combine the compost with the soil. Smooth out the surface with a rake.

5. Plant the Flowers

Your home build flower bed is now ready, so you can start planting the flowers to complete your gardening project!

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