Coffee Maker vs. French Press

Coffee Maker vs. French Press - Appliances Repair

If you are in the market for a new gadget to brew your morning coffee with, you do not have to settle for a traditional automatic drip coffee maker. Many coffee lovers opt for a French press. In order to make an informed decision, you must first analyze the benefits of a coffee maker vs. French press.

What is a French Press?

A French press is a glass device in which very coarsely ground coffee beans are placed in the bottom. Water heated to a specific temperature — depending on the type of bean — is then poured over the grounds and allowed to seep for three or four minutes. This is much like the process of brewing tea, but without the bag. When finished brewing, the plunger is pressed down to separate the water from the grounds.

Benefits of a French Press

While an automatic drip machine only allows the water to run through the grounds, the French press requires the grounds to sit in the water much longer. Those who prefer a stronger cup of coffee believe this process makes a more flavorful drink. The reason for this is that coffee beans contain oils that are filtered out with a drip filter.

The Downside

When grinding your own beans, as opposed to buying them that way from the store, your grinder may grind them too fine for the press. The screen slots may let the finely ground beans through, which will get into the coffee. In the battle between coffee maker vs. French press, a coffee maker picks up a point here.

Also, because the coffee is not on a burner with a French press, it will not stay hot as long. In addition, because it is not automated, it requires more time to make your coffee, whereas an automatic machine can be programmed and forgotten as you get ready in the morning or work in the afternoon.

Need more help deciding?

If comparing a traditional coffee maker vs. French press has made you want a new device, or if you have simply broken your coffee brewing device and are looking to repair it, try using TalkLocal to locate a dependable professional in your area. We will connect you with up to three appliance repairmen in your area, who will be available to help  you when you need them.

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