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Carpet Static Removal - Carpet Cleaners

How annoying is it getting a shock in the middle of the night when trying to open the bathroom door because you built up an electric charge from your carpet? Fortunately, there are some carpet static removal methods that may help.

1. Fabric Softener

It’s not just for your clothes, anymore. Try mixing 1/4 of a cup of fabric softener with five cups of water in a spray bottle. You may need to mix in a larger container and pour part of the solution into your spray bottle.

Test an inconspicuous area of your carpet (the back of the closet is always nice) by spraying a light mist. Do not saturate the carpet. Wait until it is dry and ensure that the carpet has maintained its color and integrity. You will see that your carpet will remain unharmed and you won’t have to frantically search for a carpet cleaning professional.

Lightly mist the rest of your carpet in the same fashion. You can also use this solution on your cloth furniture. If spray gets on wooden furniture simply wipe away with a dry, soft clothe.

2. Dryer Sheet

This is the same concept as fabric softener, but in a different form. Simply rub the dryer sheet on the carpet and upholstery. Don’t forget you can use the back side of the sheet for carpet static removal as well. These are also great for static-prone hair — just try to find one that smells nice.

3. Baking Soda

Not only will this remove static, but it can help with odors as well. As baking soda can sometimes clump, pour it into a flour sifter and sift it onto the carpet. Use a vacuum to lift the baking soda and static away. This method can also be used on furniture with a vacuum attachment.

Further Assistance

If you are worried about ruining your carpet while trying your own carpet static removal methods, or if your static problem is too great to solve alone, consider consulting with a carpet cleaning professional. It might seem overwhelming finding the right one, but TalkLocal is great at connecting customers with the right, local professional — for free!

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