Types of Cabinet Door Hinges

Types of Cabinet Door Hinges - Handyman

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve a spectacular renovation is to install new hinges for your cabinets.  You’ll want to choose a style of hinge that matches the style of your cabinets, but fortunately there are many different types of cabinet door hinges to choose from, so you can customize your home to your heart’s content! The most important feature to note when choosing a hinge is whether or not your cabinets are Face Framed or Faceless: simply look to see if there’s a frame in the opening or not.  Then you’ll want to look at how your doors fit on top of your cabinet.

For Face Framed Cabinets:

Overlay Hinge:  These hinges are for doors that completely overlay your face frame and should wrap around two sides of the frame.

Full Inset Hinge: These hinges are designed for doors that are flush with the face frames and are actually set in the frame.  These oftentimes will conceal both wings and only leave the knuckle of the hinge exposed.

3/8” Inset Hinge: Some doors may partially overlay the frame by having a groove cut along their back edge.  The door wing usually will be concealed and only the frame wing should be visible you close the cabinet door.

For Frameless Cabinets:

Frameless Overlay Hinge: If your door overlays your cabinet edge completely (full overlay), then you’ll need a frameless overlay hinge.  These hinges will be attached to the side of the cabinet.

Frameless Inset Hinge: Some doors will be completely flush with the side edges of the cabinet.  You have a couple of options here.  You may want a partial wrap-around hinge that screws to the edge and wraps around two sides of the frame.  You can also do a concealed frameless inset hinge as well.

Find a Professional for All of Your Renovation Needs

These are the major types of cabinet door hinges you can choose from, and they all come in a variety of different colors and finishes.  If you ever feel unsure of yourself in a home renovation project, you can always use TalkLocal to contact a high-quality, local handyman in just minutes!  They’ll be able to advise you on how to make your home renovation pop!

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