How to Clip Lovebird Wings

How to Clip Lovebird Wings - Veterinarians

Getting frustrated with chasing your pet bird around? Scared the bird will fly out the window or even hit a window? Clipping lovebird wings is necessary for taming your lovebird and preventing injury. It is recommend that a veterinarian do this procedure, but this can be easily done by the pet owner. Before attempting to clip, please have a veterinarian or an experienced bird clipper supervise the procedure to avoid injury to the bird and yourself. Here is a guide on how to clip lovebird wings.

How to Clip Lovebird Wings

1. Place one paper towel in each hand.

2. Gently drape the bird in the towel and pick it up.

3. If the bird is not cooperative, get a partner to help. Gently grab the bird and secure its head to prevent the bird from biting your hand. Let your partner cover the bird in the towel.

4. Put the bird in one hand securely and put it against the palm of your hand.

5. Pull out one wing with the free hand and secure it between your index finger and thumb.

6. Find the primary feathers on the bird. These are longest on the bird, typically on the very end of the wing.

7. Cut the primary feathers and along the wing at an angle. DO NOT CUT TOO FAR. THIS WILL CAUSE BLEEDING. Let your partner cut the feather if the bird is not cooperative.

8. Repeat this process for the other wing.

9. Let the bird go and check if the bird is flying smoothly. If not re-trim the wings so that they are even.


1. Wings don’t have to be fully trimmed. Cutting the top primary feathers can be sufficient in limiting the lovebird’s flight.

2. If the bird begins to bleed, use flour to stop the bleeding.

3. Don’t over-trim the bird’s wings. Over-trimming the bird’s wings can cause the bird to land hard after flying and may cause injury.

Want Professional Help?

Clipping a lovebird’s wings is a delicate process that must be handled with care. A veterinarian will know how to clip lovebird wings if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. Use TalkLocal to find a veterinarian near you. We will connect you with up to three veterinarians in your area, who will be able to help you out when you need it.

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