Tips for a Cooler Head in 30 Seconds to 30 Minutes

Written by Dallea Caldwell

Tips for a Cooler Head in 30 Seconds to 30 Minutes - Seva Call

Life’s most stressful challenges tend to come with tight deadlines, urgency, and demands for our focused attention. So, we can’t exactly take a leisurely mental spa day to cope. So, how to shake off the jitters before they take you off your game? Here are some clutch, go-to tips for a cooler head that save time and restore energy, so that you can get it together, get in the game, and get it over with already (for crying out loud!).

6 (WAY) Under 60-Minute Stress Management Techniques

1. Strategy: Taking a Deep Breath. Time: approx. 1 second

How: Inhale deeply through the nose, then exhale steadily through the mouth. As you exhale, blink slowly once, and Mona Lisa smile once for complete, maximum, instant, renewal.

Perfect for… Readying oneself for a test of endurance- the big ready, set before GO- time!

2. Strategy: Counting backwards. Time: approx. 10 seconds

How: Take a deep breath and count backwards at a normal pace- preferably using your internal monologue. If alone, you may do so silently to yourself and close your eyes for best results.

Perfect for… Preventing a knee-jerk reaction, enabling you to respond in a reasonable, non-regrettable fashion.

3. Strategy: Sentient Meditation. Time: approx. 30 seconds

How: Mentally immerse yourself in the flavor of a single morsel of your favorite candy as it melts in your mouth, or the aroma of your favorite perfume or scented candle. Imagine in great detail the pleasant things it reminds you of.

Perfect for… a quick mental break/escape when you need to boost your mood.

4. Strategy: Stretch. Time: approx. 10 minutes

How: Turn 10-minute yogi and stretch out those tension-tortured kinks, especially in your shoulders, and back. This YouTube video even has some office/cubicle friendly yoga moves to try!

Perfect for… Relaxing that distracting bodily tension that’s been causing you to adjust in your seat, roll your shoulders, and massage yourself constantly.

5. Strategy: Power Nap. Time: 20 minutes

How: After a restful night, catch some extra zz’s of rejuvenation- even if you have to curl up beneath your desk or rest your head on top.

Avoid this if you are sleep-deprived, as the strategy may exacerbate poor sleeping habits or insomnia. Be sure to set your alarm as well. And, resist the snooze button! Check out the scientifically supported brain-stimulating benefits.

Perfect for… Restoring energy during a lunch break, and improving problem solving skills when confronted with a vexing issue that has you stumped.

5. Strategy: Cardio! Time: approx. 30 minutes

How: Jog, walk, or take the stairs. Cardio exhausts your excess energy for a feeling of calm and renewed focus.

 Bonus: Short-term exercise boosts confidence- which can’t hurt when a formidable challenge is set before you.

Perfect for… your health, of course!

So, before you wander into Worryville and get off track, set aside whatever time you can spare to reduce stress and increase focus. And of course, the TalkLocal Team is here to quickly find pros to help tick off a few things on that “Can’t Possibly Do Myself” list, offer a relaxing massage, or stress busting exercise. You’re already dealing with a million things – stress doesn’t have to be one of them!

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