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Fuel Gauge Not Working - Computer Repair

Have you ever been driving on what you thought was a full tank of gas, only to see your fuel gauge drop to empty when you accelerate? Fuel gauges can go on the fritz for any number of reasons. If your fuel gauge is not working, we have some steps you can take to troubleshoot it.

Is Your Fuel Gauge Not Working?

1. Locate the fuel tank of your car. There should be a wire near the tank with a tan color – this is the “fuel sender feed wire”, which indicates to the fuel gauge how much gas you have left in the tank of your car. Disconnect the wire at the base to test it.

2. When the wire is disconnected and the node hangs loosely in air, the needle of the fuel gauge should be reading above full. If the node is touching the ground (with no flow of electricity), the fuel gauge should be reading below empty. If these are not the case, you have either a wiring problem or a defective fuel gauge.

3. Find a multimeter. A multimeter is a device that measures the electrical current that flows between two points – it shows you the amount of electricity at your disposal. Using the two points (the metal needles) of the multimeter, connect one end to the wire (the tan wire – fuel sender feed wire) and the other end to the ground (a surface with no flow of electricity).

4. Differing amounts of electrical flows indicate the amount of fuel in the tank, with a higher number of power (measured in ohms) indicating a fuller tank. If the multimeter does not measure any output, recheck the wiring to see if it is connected to the tank or that the wire is grounded.

5. If it still doesn’t work, chances are that you have faulty wiring. To check for this, disconnect the tan wire involved with the connection between the gauge, and check it (run a finger along to wire) to see if there is any wear and tear along the wire. Replace the wires and make sure that everything is connected and grounded properly to check it if works.

6. If it still doesn’t work, try replacing the tan wire. If you aren’t sure which wire would work for your car, consult the nearest dealership to get a professional opinion. At worst, when even replacing the wire doesn’t work, you may also need to replace the fuel gauge.

Additional Help

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