How To Remove Paint From Metal

How To Remove Paint From Metal - Handyman

From children’s bicycles to iron handrails, home and business owners often find themselves wondering how to remove paint from metal in order to repaint or create a new look for an old piece. The process is fairly simple, though more ornate pieces may require more hand working than a flat piece. This can easily be a do-it-yourself project, or else any handyman would likely be able to take care of it quickly.

You Will Need:

– Damp or tacky cloth

– Respirator

– Medium grit metal sandpaper

– Fine grit metal sandpaper

– Chemical paint stripper

– Paint brush

– Hose/water

– Optional: Sandblaster

How To Remove Paint From Metal

1. Be sure to wear a respirator to avoid inhaling dangerous metal flakes.

2. Wipe down the piece and remove dirt or rust flakes with a damp or tacky cloth.

3. Use medium grit metal sandpaper to remove any stubborn areas of rust, then use the fine grit to create a smooth finish.

4. Apply the paint stripper with a paint brush accordingly, per the directions on the can. Hose off to remove the chemical when finished.

5. If only a few spots remain, the sandpaper may be used to remove them.

6. Sandblasters are handy for larger and more stubborn projects. They can be rented by the day or purchased at a home improvement store.

7. Wipe down and clean the piece once all paint is removed.

Finding Reliable Help

If this process seems too complicated or time-consuming for you, one of the many benefits of a handyman is that they know how to efficiently work these kinds of projects. They know how to remove paint from metal quickly and safely.

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