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Clean Cast Iron Fireplace - Maid Services

If you want to turn your home into a cozy, welcoming environment, you could always choose to purchase and install a solid, durable, appealing fireplace. Such amenities made from marble, granite, cement and sandstone are very popular these days, but the cast iron fireplace seems to attract a larger number of buyers who are looking for fashionable, antique-looking, Edwardian decorative elements.

Before making a final decision, think about the fact that keeping a cast iron fireplace in excellent condition requires lots of time, effort, and a strict maintenance routine. Keep reading to find out how to clean cast iron fireplace on your own, and remember that you can always count on professional help if for one reason or another you are unable to complete this particular DIY project.

Getting Started

You may be able to clean marble, granite, cement, and sandstone fireplaces by simply wiping them with a clean cloth and a mix of dish soap and water, but don’t even think about following the same path when it comes to removing dirt, soot, and debris accumulations from a cast iron fireplace, as you could reduce its lifespan by making it rust. Cast iron retains water and rusts very easily.

Eliminate all loose impurities using a handheld broom, and then remove the smallest particles of dirt by polishing the metal. For this special task, you will need a metal polish or some high-quality steel wool and special oil applied to lubricate the surface and ensure a higher level of protection against corrosion. As a final step, remember to use a microfiber (lint-free) cloth to wipe the entire surface in order to obtain a fantastic, shiny finish.

How to Eliminate Stubborn Particles of Dirt

Are you dealing with small particles that are virtually impossible to remove? In this case, apply this useful tip to clean cast iron fireplace and keep it looking like new for a longer period of time.

Use a soft cloth soaked with methylated spirit to remove even the tiniest, most rebellious dirt stains. Scrub the whole area until it is clean and dirt-free. It is recommended to vacuum up your cast iron fireplace at least once a week to simplify your maintenance routine.

Ask an Expert

Are you having a hard time trying to beautify and clean cast iron fireplace on your own? If so, don’t hesitate to contact a real professional offering you the very best maid services. Spot trustworthy specialists operating in your area by consulting TalkLocal, your #1 connection to the best professionals in your area.

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