Active Isolated Stretching Training

Active Isolated Stretching Training - Massage Therapy

If you have recently injured a muscle or tendon, you may have had others suggest for you to look into active isolated stretching training. AIS training is a more recent form of muscular manipulation and massage therapy designed to help a variety of conditions. Once you know what active isolated stretching training is, you can more accurately determine if it can help your condition.

What Is It?

For years, the norm in stretching was to hold a stretch for around 60 seconds. It was believed that holding the position this long would encourage flexibility. We now know that extended stretching can be more harmful than the original ailment. It can cause the muscle to contract, restricting blood flow and encouraging lactic acid build up. Active isolated stretching training focuses on specific muscles or small muscle groups rather than larger muscle groups.

Initially, a trained therapist will manipulate the muscles through stretching in short increments (two-second stretches) in multiple repetitions (six to 10 repetitions). These increments increase the blood flow to the muscle that is being stretched, and warm the paired muscle being contracted, which encourages deeper flexibility in both without allowing for the stretched muscle to have time to contract. Often, the therapist will teach patients how to perform the stretches at home with tools like a towel or an elastic band.

When Is It Used?

Active isolated stretching training is used on a variety of ailments. It has been shown to improve overall flexibility in patients once thought to have lost flexibility due to age. It is also effective on other conditions, such as Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, shoulder impingement, golfers elbow, and tenosynovitis (inflammation of the covering of the tendons). It has also been used by athletes to encourage flexibility in often-used or overused muscles to prevent injury.

Want To Learn More?

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