TV Remote Buttons Not Working

TV Remote Buttons Not Working - TV Repair

Are your TV remote buttons not working? There are many reasons why the buttons on a TV remote may not work, so keep reading to try and figure out why your remote isn’t working, and how you may be able to fix it.

TV Remote Buttons Not Working?

1. First check the batteries of your TV remote. Try replacing the batteries with the correct type of battery (AAA or AA) as well as checking to see if the batteries are good before placing them into the remote. If this doesn’t solve the problem, consider other aspects of the problem.

2. The signal from the remote might be not reaching the television. Ensure that there are no obstructions to the TV’s receiver which may be blocking the remote’s signal from reaching the TV. Blockages, especially metal or other electronic equipment signals, could hamper the signal from the television remote to the receiver – move the blockages (radios, metal decorations, etc) in order to improve the reception between the two devices.

3. Did you drop the remote or was it in contact with water recently? That implies that the board and wiring inside the remote may have been damaged, and the remote should be replaced. This could also indicate that the LED (the signal transmitter) may have been pushed inside the remote, trapping the signals inside the remote – if that is the case, simple adjust the LED back to its original position.

The television receiver may have been damaged – if you recall anything happening to the TV or its receiver, you should consider having a professional look at it. You may just want to consider buying a new receiver that can be hooked up to your television.

Additional Help

If you feel like you need professional help with your remote or TV, TalkLocal can help. We will connect you with up to three TV repair professionals in your area who will be able to help you!

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