About Lead Acid Battery Recycling

About Lead Acid Battery Recycling - Garbage Removal

For many of the household items we have in our homes – radios, telephones, remote controls, power tools, and the like – we rely heavily on batteries to use them. But what about the heavier equipment, such as our vehicles? Do we not rely heavily on them as well? The batteries in our cars are known as lead acid batteries. They are an intricate part of our everyday lives, no doubt. However, once the power has run out and we can no longer use them, we then have the responsibility of ensuring that they are properly disposed of.

Lead Acid Batteries

There are multiple chemicals and heavy metals that are used in the creation of these batteries, which play a big part in causing the battery to produce power. However, these materials are extremely toxic to both the land and the air. Therefore, it is wise to dispose of them by recycling, rather than to simply throw them into the garbage, where they can cause harm to the environment.

Lead acid battery recycling is the most common form of battery recycling there is. Experts say that at least 96% of every lead acid battery used is, in fact, recycled. Most states have created laws that require any stores that are selling these types of batteries to offer free collection of them once they’ve been used. And typically what the store will do with these types of batteries once they’ve been re-collected is send them off to be broken down by a machine that will separate the battery parts into plastic, lead, and acid. Once separated, the materials will then be sent off to their corresponding manufacturers for further processing and reuse.

So How Do You Recycle Your Lead Acid Battery?

The most common type of lead acid battery is your car battery. Most automobile retailers will ask you to bring in your old car battery before you buy your new one. In fact, many of them will actually credit the sale of your new battery for recycling your old lead acid car battery with them. So as you can see, lead acid battery recycling is not difficult at all. Just take the battery back to where you got it from, and they should gladly take it off your hands for safe disposal.

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