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Cheap Bail Bonds - Bail Bonds

A bail bond can be the difference between freedom and incarceration. If you do not have enough money, you might find yourself locked behind bars, waiting for months to finally get in front of a judge to plead your case. The same applies if you have a loved one who has been arrested and is sitting in jail.

Unfortunately, when it comes to bail bonds, there are no short cuts. Even though you might be inundated with ads on the Internet that offer cheap bail bonds, or bonds that are heavily discounted, these services simply do not exist. Going along with one might even be a scam.

The amount you are required to pay is in direct correlation with the criminal offense with which you are charged. If the crime was a relatively minor one, then there is still hope that you will only require cheap bail bonds to walk free.

Who Decides The Amount Of A Bail Bond?

A judge generally sets bail for a suspected criminal. Some areas have a concrete schedule from which they determine the bail amount. The bail amount will dictate how cheap or expensive your bail bond will be. The bail bondsman will pay your bond and you will generally pay them 10 percent of the bail amount for their services.

Are 10 Percent Bonds Available To You?

If your area’s law enforcement offers a 10 percent bond, you might consider taking it. This would be considered amongst the legitimately cheap bail bonds.

These types of bail bonds are generally used in areas that restrict the use of third-party bail bondsmen. This means that you are solely responsible for paying your bond. However, a 10 percent bond simply requires you to pay 10 percent of the total bond to get out of jail, pending future court appearances. Once you show up to those court appearances, the amount is then returned to you.

Again, these types of bonds are generally reserved for those who have committed minor offenses and prove they are not a flight risk or a risk to fellow members of society.

Contact A Bail Bondsman

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