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Chromebook vs. Tablet - Computer Repair

With all of the advancements technology has made, you may find yourself stuck in between two very good choices. The battle of Chromebook vs. tablet has become a popular one for technological warriors lately after new developments for both. So how do you pick? Well, honestly, your choice depends on your individual needs.

Chromebook vs Tablet – Your Options


This is basically a small laptop created by Google, partnered with Samsung and Acer. Right now, the most recent upgrade is the Series 5. This computer runs on Chrome OS — Google’s operating system — which is known for being the first OS heavily based around Cloud storage. Chromebooks only have about 16 GB of storage, but that’s because everything else is stored in the Cloud.

You Would Want A Chromebook If:

– You want a full keyboard.

– You do a lot of work that needs to be saved and accessible from anywhere.

– You often have Internet access. Chromebooks, being centered on Cloud storage, require Internet access in order to access a lot of other things. You can use a Chromebook without Internet, but doing so long-term would defeat the purpose of the Chrome operating system.

– You are willing to get used to a new OS other than Windows or Mac. Although it has been called user-friendly, it is still new and different.


Tablets are touch screen pads with no keyboard attached. They come from multiple brands and typically run either Android operating systems or Windows. However, Apple does have a tablet called the iPad. The iPad runs on a Mac OS.

You Would Want A Tablet If:

– You need something highly portable. Tablets are very light and easy to move around. Even with a very durable, protective case on them, they’re not very bulky or heavy.

– You will truly utilize the touch screen interface. If you want a keyboard for your tablet, you’ll need to purchase it separately, so being able to use the touch screen keyboard proficiently will really benefit you.

– You don’t need a lot of memory. Especially compared to the Chromebook, which has loads of memory through the Cloud operating system, tablets can’t save a lot of data. However, if you want to save your work and then transfer it online or elsewhere, you’re good to go.

For Help Deciding Or To Fix Problems With Your Chromebook or Tablet

There are many variables that come into play when you’re deciding Chromebook vs. tablet. It all depends on what you need and why. If you need help deciding, or just want more information, let us know. At TalkLocal, we thrive on taking the work out of your search for local professionals.

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