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Chromebook vs Windows 8 - Computer Repair

If you thought all you had to do was decide between Mac vs Windows, then Google has thrown you for a loop this time. Their new operating system, Chrome OS, runs on their specialized Chromebooks, offered through Samsung and Acer. Chrome OS is completely different from the Windows operating systems of the past.

However, there is now a new Windows OS that might be what you’re looking for if Chrome OS is not. This leaves you with a choice: Chromebook vs Windows 8.


– Chrome OS is completely different from your typical operating system. It is based on cloud technology, meaning the majority of your information is saved via Google’s online cloud. This is great, because you can access your data pretty much anywhere. However, you must rely heavily on internet with this operating system.

– Chromebooks are set up differently from laptops and netbooks with Windows 8. The keyboard is different and features a whole new key based on Google’s uses.

– Chromebooks essentially use everything Google. Microsoft Office does not come on Chromebooks because these machines rely on the Google devices for similar uses. If you are not comfortable using something other than Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you may reconsider the Chromebook.

Windows 8

– Windows 8 is the first Windows OS that is operable on all tablets. This means you are not very limited to a certain device.

– The interface is tile-based, meaning everything is organized into tiles on your screen. It might look terrifyingly new, but it’s really just a more animated version of Windows 7. It has the same features of Windows 7 that you love, but they are organized in a modern format.

– Windows 8 runs Microsoft Office just like all other Windows operating systems. That said, without the cloud technology of the Chromebook, you’ll have to find other ways to make your information accessible in other places.

In a nut shell, Windows 8 is an upgraded, animated, modern version of previous Windows operating systems, while Chrome OS is completely new. Depending on your storage and device needs, your answer to the Chromebook vs Windows 8 battle is completely based on personal preference.

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