How to Network Computers on Windows 7

How to Network Computers on Windows 7 Computer Repair

Are you tired of having to e-mail documents to colleagues or classmates in order share them? Are you annoyed with having to sign into GoogleDocs to access shared files? Does it bother you that your colleagues or classmates can edit and save over the files you share through your Dropbox? Windows 7 has the solution built right in! Here are some tips  on how to network computers on Windows 7.

Create or Join Homegroups and Workgroups — Homegroups and Workgroups are groups of computers that share folders. Using Windows 7, you can easily define which of your folders are shared and which are private and then customize how you share files with people on your network. For more information on which one of these groups will best suit your needs, check out the Microsoft Help Page that explains the nuances in different types of file sharing groups.

When you are inside of a folder in Windows 7, there is a dropdown menu across the top that says “Share with.” Clicking the dropdown will give you a series of options of whom you share the folder with. These options are:

– Nobody: You are the only person with access to the files in this folder.

– Home/Workgroup – Read: The files in this folder are visible to everyone in your group but you are the only one who can edit them.

Home/Workgroup – Read  and Write: The files in this folder are fully available to all people in your group. They can both view and edit the files. 

– Specific People: This option allows you to make this folder available to specific people in your network.  When you click this option, you will be prompted with a File Sharing Wizard that will help you further.

Use your Public Folder: Another more basic option for file sharing is the Public Folder option. Files you place in this folder are instantly available to other people in the network. You have public folders located inside every one of your document libraries. Although these are easy and quick, be aware that you cannot edit permissions within your public folders. Everything you put in these folders is available to everyone in your network.

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