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Every four years, millions tune in to watch the Olympic gymnasts twist, twirl, contort, and elevate their bodies in positions unimaginable to most. What many do not realize is that these athletes have had to train to be a gymnast for many years, and for most, decades. So what exactly does it take to train to be a gymnast?

Strength: Look at any of those athletes, male or female, and the muscle tone and definition are unbelievable. They need to not only be able to lift their own body weight but to also maneuver it gracefully. Control comes with strength. For this reason, rigorous weight-training is a must if you are trying to transform yourself into a top-notch gymnast.

Practice: Many gymnasts begin their sport around the ages of 4 or 5. Most competitive gymnastic organizations allow contestants as young as 6. From this age on, most practices last three or four hours and are usually a minimum of three days a week — sometimes five during the offseason. Of course, nothing dictates that you have to put in this amount of time to train to be a gymnast. Still, this is not a sport that you can easily pick up. It requires a lot of work.

Coaching: You can’t learn gymnastics on your own. Sure, many will claim to have taught themselves a back flip, but the dangers of the sport and skill required cannot be mastered without someone who is trained. It is important to seek out a coach or trainer that has experience teaching the sport and knows the proper precautions to take in order to avoid serious bodily injury.

Flexibility: This goes hand-in-hand with strength. It is one thing to be able to lift one’s body weight, it is another to do so in a way which seems graceful and without impediment. This can only be achieved through keeping a broader range of flexibility than the average person.

Looking For A Trainer Or Coach?

While the Olympians make it look easy, the sport of gymnastics is grueling, physical, and time-consuming. If you are interested in learning how to train to be a gymnast, there are probably many local resources that can get you started. TalkLocal can put you in touch with such a gym quickly. Our service is entirely free and we’ll only connect you with qualified individuals and businesses.

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