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Key Is Stuck in Lock - Locksmiths

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you after a long, exhausting day of work? You could get home late and notice that your key is stuck in lock. Unfortunately, this is a common problem experienced by numerous homeowners. Most of them are always taken by surprise by more or less complex locksmith problems requiring professional services.

Assuming that you are forced to handle this situation in the middle of the night, could you come up with a great solution on your own, without contacting a locksmith? In most cases, the answer is yes.

Solve your problem fast and effortlessly by applying a few simple tips

1)    You come home from a late dinner with friends and you realize that your key is stuck in lock. So, what’s next? Whatever you do, do not panic. Make sure your key is in a vertical position. Gently turn your key to the left and to the right inside the lock a few times; then try to remove it slowly. Don’t apply too much pressure, as you could easily break your key inside the lock.

2)    If the key is still stuck, try to jiggle it a bit.

3)    Rely on a high-quality lubricant and apply it inside the lock. Call someone who could come to the rescue and bring you a superior, long-lasting, truly affordable silicon or petroleum-based lubricant, like Penetrene, for instance, used by locksmiths to address this type of problem. After applying the lubricant, you should be able to remove your key in the blink of an eye.

4)    Once you manage to get inside the house, dig a little deeper to identify the nature of your problem. Was it caused by a faulty key or a defective lock? When in doubt, contact a locksmith who could provide the best answer to this question in a timely manner while helping you avoid further unpleasant surprises for a long period of time.

Find the best locksmith in your area

Are you having a hard time trying to understand the particularities of your lock-and-key mechanism? Is it virtually impossible for you to get inside the house when your key is stuck in lock? In this case, you obviously need expert help coming from a competent locksmith.

Find the best professionals operating in your area with help from TalkLocal, your trusted source of fresh, accurate information. Always consider your locksmith needs and concerns a top priority and pay the right price for first-class services and maintenance work to minimize safety risks.

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