Pain After Physical Therapy

Pain After Physical Therapy - Chiropractors

Physical therapy is essential to getting your body back into shape and returning to a healthy and active lifestyle after an injury or surgery.

It can also be strenuous at times, and even though it is making your muscles stronger in the long run, it can be painful. You may leave your physical therapy session feeling worse than when you went it. You might be dying for a relaxing massage.

While this is inconvenient, it is not uncommon and luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to ease pain after physical therapy.


It is important to work your muscles and move around after surgery or an injury, but you also need to give your body time to rest and heal.

If you are experiencing pain after physical therapy, you may just be tired or you may be working too hard during your sessions. Talk to your physical therapist about the pain and rest between your sessions.

Your physical therapist may be able to adjust your workout to help reduce the amount of pain you experience afterwards.


If you are sore after your physical therapy workout, it could be the result of not stretching. Take some time before you go to your appointment to stretch, or even do it during the appointment.

Stretching gets your muscles ready for the workout and will prevent soreness afterwards. Check with your therapist to make sure you can stretch safely. Some injuries and surgeries require a specific amount of recovery time before you should start stretching.

Pain Medicine

You can always take an over-the-counter pain medicine before or after your session to help ease the pain after physical therapy. Always ask your doctor or physical therapist before you start taking medicine to make sure it is safe, especially if you are taking any prescription medication, as well.

Maybe A Chiropractor Can HelpĀ 

The next time you experience pain after physical therapy, try one of the solutions above. Nobody should have to live with pain on a daily basis.

Chiropractors have a lot of experience helping men and women rid their bodies of aches and pains. Find one through TalkLocal to see if he or she can help. Just visit our site and submit a request, and we will connect you with a qualified professional directly. It’s fast, easy, and free.

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