What Is A Mattock?

What Is A Mattock? - Handyman

If you are a gardener, you may be aware of the many tools needed to create the perfect garden or flower bed. Some of these tools, such as shovels and watering cans, are easy to identify because they are familiar.

There are many other tools that are not as well known and can even look like they are from another planet. A mattock is one of these tools. The mattock has been around for centuries and was used by many ancient cultures, including the ancient Greeks. If you have ever wondered about a mattock, this information will help you.

What Is A Mattock?

A mattock is a hand tool that is used to dig holes and small trenches. It resembles an ax and has a double-headed, dull blade on one end. These tools range in size from three to four feet long and can weigh as much as eight pounds. They typically have wooden handles, but some are made from metal and other materials as well. A screw holds the head of the mattock in place so it does not fall off the handle as it is being used.

What Is A Mattock Used For?

Mattocks have all sorts of uses, most of them in the garden. Many gardeners and farmers use the tool to crush up dirt so that plants can be planted in soft soil. They are also used to dig holes for bulbs, plants, and even seeds. Many people will even use a mattock to cut down small trees, break up and remove gravel, or cut up small logs and stumps so they can be removed and the area can be used as a garden or flower bed.

The mattock may look a little strange but it is a very useful tool. Once you have mastered the technique, you will not know how you every lived without such a versatile piece of garden equipment.

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