HVAC System Types: Packaged System

HVAC System Types: Packaged System - Heating and Cooling

If you want to keep your home feeling cool during the summer, and warm during the winter, choose the Cadillac of HVAC system types. A packaged system is what many consider to be a central air conditioning system. While installing a packaged system can be quite pricey, it often pays off by not only keeping your home at a favorable temperature, but also doing so in an efficient manner.

Let’s take a look at the packaged system and how it stacks up against other HVAC system types.

How Is A Packaged System Set Up

The brains of the packaged system are contained in one large unit that is stationed outside the home. Many opt to put this large machine on a concrete slab so that it doesn’t sink into the grass or dirt.

This unit contains heating and cooling components — both electric and gas-powered for optimal efficiency. The heat and cool air are delivered into the home through ducts. Inside the home, return air ducts deliver air back out.

Save On Space

Unlike other HVAC system types, you can spare all the space inside your home because the unit sits outside. Other types of units will take up space on your wall or in your window.

Very Efficient

Because most of these packaged systems have gas-powered and electric components, they operate efficiently and keep your energy bill at a minimum. When the electrical heat pump can extract heat from the air outside, it will. This won’t require any gas consumption on your system’s behalf.

Need Help Finding The Right HVAC System?

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