HVAC System Types: Duct-Free Split System

HVAC System Types: Duct-Free Split System - Heating and Cooling

There are many different HVAC system types — you don’t have to have central air in order to properly keep your home or office at the right temperature. For instance, duct-free split systems are an avenue that many people have used in order to control the climate in their living space.

These HVAC system types consist of an inside component and an outside component. Just as the name suggests, no ducts are required to deliver heat or cool air.

Why Would You Want A Duct-Free Split System?

Installing an HVAC system which requires ducts can be a mammoth undertaking. It can also come with a hefty price tag. Some living quarters make it impossible to even install an HVAC system with ducts. These people often turn to a duct-free split system.

They are also perfect for home additions where you do not want to put up with the hassle of extending ducts and installing them in the new room.

Where Do You Install A Duct-Free Split System?

These HVAC systems can be installed either in a wall or on the ceiling. Wherever they are installed, half of the system must be housed inside while the other half is outdoors.

When they are mounted on a wall, duct-free split systems are usually placed higher up. This mimics the feeling of ducts, as ducts are normally stationed near the ceiling. Plus, heat rises and cooler air sinks. Letting the cool air fall into a room can adjust the climate efficiently.

Who Can Install This, And Other HVAC System Types?

Installing an HVAC system is not a do-it-yourself project. Sure, you could install a window unit, but a more extensive system requires the help of a qualified heating and cooling professional. You can find one through TalkLocal.

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