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Best Type Of Mulch - Landscapers

Mulch is a great way to protect the roots of plants and give your flowerbed or garden a neat and tidy appearance. There are many different types of mulch available, and each one has a different look and protects your plants in different ways. As spring creeps in, now might be the perfect time to mulch your lawn.

First, it is important to consider the benefits of each one before you decide which is the best type of mulch for your yard.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is durable and made from recycled tires and other rubber products. It does not break down in your garden over time and is not washed away easily with rain or snow. Because rubber mulch lasts a long time and stays looking like new, it is the popular choice for many gardeners. Rubber mulch can be expensive, though, so make sure the benefits outweigh the costs.

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch is the most common type of mulch used and can be purchased from most home improvement stores. It is affordable and comes in many different colors and types of wood. Wood mulch allows water to drain well around the plants so they get the amount that they need. It is durable but can also be moved or washed away with heavy rain.

Compost Mulch

Compost mulch may not be much to look at but it can make your plants healthy. Because it is free, many people believe compost mulch is the best type of mulch. You can make your own compost mulch out of grass, hay, and decomposing plant matter. As the compost decomposes, the nutrients in it are fed to the plants. Compost mulch doesn’t only protect the plants, it actually helps them grow bigger and stronger.

Need More Advice?

When trying to find the best type of mulch for your flowerbed, be sure to compare the different options. Any mulch will help protect your plants from the cold and harsh weather and, if you can find mulch that offers even more benefits, stick with it. Professional landscapers from your local area are always ready and willing to lend their knowledge. To connect with one, use TalkLocal. You will be talking on the phone with a qualified professional in a matter of minutes.

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