Cost Of Having A Key Made

Cost Of Having A Key Made - Locksmiths

If you are in need of an extra key, or have lost the keys to your home, automobile or lock, you may have to have a key made. In most situations, having a quality key made is a fairly simple and inexpensive process.

Many retail stores and locksmiths can make you a key in no time and only charge a small fee to do it. Some situations call for more work and therefore, cost more money. Before you decide to inquire about locksmith or key making services, you may want to know the average cost of having a key made.

Basic Keys: If you need a basic door key or car key copied, a locksmith or store employee can assist you. These basic keys usually cost less than three dollars a piece. These can be made by a locksmith or an employee at a local hardware store who knows how to operate automatic key-making equipment. Some stores offer customers access to do-it-yourself machines, too.

Specialized Keys: Keys that are used to open safes, luggage, diaries, or jewelry boxes usually cost around four dollars. If you want extra keys for these types of locks, you can easily find them. If you lose your keys often, you may want to consider buying the extras.

High-Security Keys: Keys for high-security locks tend to be some of the most expensive keys to have made. They can cost anywhere between $10 and $20 and require a skilled locksmith who has had the proper training to make them. These types of keys require precise cutting and can only be made by a professional.

Certain Car Keys: Car keys which contain electronic chips can be expensive to copy or have made. Usually the car manufacturer will ask to have the key sent to their nearest factory and copy the key there. Some auto parts stores may be able to make car keys with electronic chips as well. Be prepared to pay up to a couple hundred dollars to have one of these keys made.

The cost of having a key made can vary depending on the type of key you need. The best way to avoid spending a lot of money on key copies is to protect your extra keys and keep them in a safe place at all times.

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