Health Benefits Of Reflexology Massage

Health Benefits Of Reflexology Massage - Massage Therapy

Reflexology massage is an ancient massage technique that traces its origins back to Egypt and China. Reflexology massage primarily involves gently and firmly exerting pressure on specific points located on the feet, hands, and ears in order to affect other points located in different areas of the body. From point to point, each is expressly connected to each other via lines of energy, also known as meridians, and reflexologists believe that this massage technique affects these points in a positive manner.

People praise this technique because they say many health benefits of reflexology massage are received, including a reduction in number of headaches and a reduction in overall muscle aches and pain. It also has the added benefit of reducing overall stress within the body. Most people can benefit from a reflexology massage because of how gentle the therapist is with the pressure on the points.

Health Benefits Of Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage therapists are specifically trained to recognize areas, primarily on the feet, which are thought to be connected by lines of energy, or meridians, relating to specific parts of the body which, when manipulated, will help promote healing and relaxation in the connected areas. A reflexology massage therapist is acutely aware that each foot contains spots which correspond to specific places within the body. For example, the tops of the toes are thought to be related to sinuses. The soles of the feet contain areas thought to be connected to the lungs, chest, and heart.

Reducing pain associated with headaches and muscle aches will initially bring people to try reflexology. Reflexologists believe the meridians can become blocked in daily life by a negative buildup of energy. Reflexology unblocks these meridian channels and allows energy to flow freely throughout the body, thereby reducing stress and pain and increasing overall well-being.

Studies on the health benefits of <reflexology massage which have involved pregnant women, cancer patients, mental health patients, arthritis sufferers, nausea sufferers, and people with back pain issues have repeatedly shown that it can aid in reducing pain and increasing a patient’s overall well being.

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