Where To Find A Notary

Where To Find A Notary - Notaries

As we go through life, there are certain documents that must be officially notarized in order to be considered legally binding.

Having a document notarized means that a person appointed by the Secretary of State first witnesses us signing a document and then signs or stamps the document to confirm their status as a witness.

The purpose of having documents, such as wills, notarized is to ensure that no fraud is committed. As a trusted member of the state, the stamp or signature of a notary is held to a high degree of authenticity. If you are wondering where to find a notary, you may be surprised at how easy it actually is to find one. There are a few places to check, and make sure to ask if there is a fee involved with the process.

Source Of the Documents: The place where you received the documents should be able to handle your notary needs. Institutions which require documents to be notarized will often have a notary on staff or will at least know where to find them.

Your Insurance Company: Insurance agencies often deal with sensitive and important documents which need to be verified as official. Many will staff a notary for such purposes. If you have a good relationship with your insurance company, they may allow their notary to notarize your document for free.

The Post Office: This can be an especially handy place to find a notary because, if you need to mail your document, you can do it all in one place. This will come with a fee, though.

Your Bank: As with insurance companies, the high volume of important documents which come from a bank means they generally have a notary on staff. Depending on the type of accounts you hold with them, they, too, may notarize your document for free.

A Public Library Or Courthouse: If all else fails, these two public institutions should be able to find you a notary.

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