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Hot Tub Skirting - Handyman

Hot tub skirting is the decorative material which surrounds a hot tub. Skirting serves as a decorative enclosure of the hot tub, as well as a mask for the plumbing contained underneath. Skirting comes in either a wood or a polymer finish, and it comes in many different colors.

Wooden Hot Tub Skirting

Wooden skirting usually is made out of cedar, but other popular woods are redwood and mahogany. All types of wooden skirting need maintenance, especially the skirting for outdoor hot tubs that are in climates which expose the hot tub to severe weather.

Wood skirting maintenance involves staining the wood every year. Some of the woods also require sanding. While these tasks can be performed at home, handyman service providers have the skills and tools required to sand and re-stain the wood quickly and easily. Do not let the wood fade and rot, because it is much easier to keep up the annual maintenance than to replace hot tub skirting. If this does happen, there are handyman service providers who can repair or replace the full skirting.

Non-Wooden Hot Tub Skirting

Skirting made out of plastic, polymer, or foam has become popular because these newer materials are virtually maintenance-free. All hot tub skirts eventually succumb to weather’s wear and tear, but by keeping up with the annual maintenance, they will last much longer than if no maintenance was performed.

Polystyrene hot tub skirting is prone to fading if exposed to sunlight year after year. The non-wood skirting types require less maintenance than wood. A skirt made out of foam will need to be touched up with paint occasionally. Painting maintenance can also be performed by a trained professional.

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