Remove Stubborn Wallpaper

Remove Stubborn Wallpaper - Painters

Adding wallpaper to a room can give it a unique look and help you create a theme in your decor. If you change your mind and decide you want to add paint to the walls instead, you will have to remove the wallpaper — that is, if you do not want to struggle with painting over the wallpaper.

Some wallpaper is easy to remove, and other types can be more difficult. If you want to remove stubborn wallpaper, you may need to use some special tools or techniques. Here are some suggestions.

Score the wallpaper to make it easier for water to soak in. Water will help remove the glue and make the wallpaper easier to remove. You can score the wallpaper with a knife or purchase a scoring tool from your local home improvement store.

Use a paint scraper to help you scrape and peel back the wallpaper. You will need to use the scraper to peel the edges back and work your way down each piece of wallpaper. The scraper can also help you remove the paper remnants that are sometimes left behind on the walls.

Use commercial liquid wallpaper remover to remove stubborn wallpaper. You can find this in many department stores and home improvement stores. It is applied to the wallpaper and allowed to soak into it. It helps soften the paper, dissolve the glue and make the paper easier to peel back. You can also make your own liquid wallpaper remover by combining vinegar and dish detergent with a little bit of water.

Removing stubborn wallpaper can take a lot of time a patience. If you use the right tools and methods, you can successfully remove the wallpaper in a reasonable amount of time and prepare your wall for paint or new paper. Remember to wash the wall thoroughly once the paper is gone.

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