Painting Around Chair Rail

Painting Around Chair Rail - Painters

Chair rails, also known as dado rails, are decorative wooden fixtures that go around walls. Although they add class to any home, their main purpose is to protect walls against couches or chairs. Keep reading to learn more about painting around a chair rail.

These fixtures make painting a wall a little more difficult, but nothing you can’t handle. If you choose to paint the chair rail a different color than the wall, we recommend getting all of the appropriate supplies for a clean paint job:

– Paint

-A brush or a roller

– 2” painter’s masking tape. The tape is your most important tool because it will protect the chair rail from paint drips or brush strokes.

Painting Around Chair Rail

1. Place the tape along the edge of the chair rail where the wall meets the rail, but do not press the tape on the rail. It should create a tent above the chair rail to act as an umbrella against paint drips. Do this above the chair rail and below it. Get the tape as close as possible to where the rail and the wall meet so that you have a clean straight edge.

2. Paint your wall as usual around the chair rail. Your chair rail is safe from unwanted paint.

Chair rails give you the opportunity to paint your wall two different colors. Check out this article about two-tone paint colors to figure out what combination matches best. You can add some edge to your living room by mixing and matching colors.

You may also paint the wall one solid color. Usually if this is the case, the chair rail is painted glossy white, which contrasts nicely with a matte wall.

Additional Help

If you are looking for a professional painter to help you get the job done, use TalkLocal to connect you with up to three local painters. Simply enter our website and enter your availability, location and a brief description of what you need. You will be speaking with painting professionals in just minutes!

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