How Can I Stain Fake Wood Paneling?

How Can I Stain Fake Wood Paneling? - Painters

Fake wood paneling can make a room look drab and out of style. However, the paneling does not need to be replaced for the room to have a new look. Staining fake wood paneling with a gel stain can give it a rich color and bring life back into your home. So, are you wondering, “how can I stain fake wood paneling?” Follow the steps below to stain your fake wood paneling.

Materials You Will Need

• Dish washing soap

• Hammer and wood putty(if paneling is not smooth)

• Sandpaper

• Drop cloths

• Blue painters tape

• Gel stain

• Mineral turpentine

• Foam applicator

• Rags

• Clear finish

How Can I Stain Wood Paneling?

1. Choose an appropriate gel stain for your paneling. Make sure to find a gel stain intended to stain the original color of your paneling so that you are sure of what the finished product will look like. A gel stain intended for a much lighter or much darker paneling will not have the results you are looking for.

2. Wash the paneling well with dish washing soap and let it dry completely.

3. Fix any uneven surfaces. Pound in nails and fill any large holes with wood putty. Sand the paneling down with sandpaper to get rid of any smooth, shiny surfaces.

4. Clean the floors of any debris and cover them with drop cloths. Tape any edges (below and above the paneling) with blue painters tape.

5. Take the gel stain and shake it very well. Then, open the can and stir it well to make sure that the color is evenly mixed.

6. Find a piece of scrap paneling and test the stain color. If the color is too dark, thin it with mineral turpentine or check the label for other thinning instructions. Never apply the gel stain to the paneling in your home without testing it first.

7. Use a foam applicator to evenly apply the stain. Make sure to wipe off any extra stains with rags. If you would like to apply another coat to make the color richer and darker, wait at least six hours.

8. Wait a full day after applying the last coat of stain to apply a clear finish.

Need Professional Help?

If you would like a professional to stain your fake wood paneling, just use TalkLocal. We will connect you with up to three, reliable professionals in your area, who can help you when you need them most.

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