How to Stain Wood Floors

How to Stain Wood Floors - Painters

If you have a wood floor that looks unfinished, you may want to stain it to make it look more polished. If you do not know where to begin, this article will tell you how to stain wood floors. To get the best results, it is important that you stain your wood floor in the correct manner.

Supplies You Will Need:

– vacuum

– cloth

– paint roller or cloth

– stain

– polyurethane finish

– sandpaper

How to Stain Wood Floors

1. Vacuum the floor. Make sure the you clean the floor well by vacuuming any dust. Also, if you have just put the floor in, make sure that any debris from sanding is gone as well. After the floor is the thoroughly vacuumed, wipe down the entire floor with a cloth.

2. Pick your stain. Make sure that the stain will not change the grain the of the wood. Stains are normally matched to the grain and color of the wood, so pay attention to these details when buying a staining product.

3. Put your stain onto a paint roller or a piece of cloth. Roll your roller or wipe the cloth along the grain of the wood in an even manner. Make sure that the room you are staining is ventilated properly or else you risk harm from the vapors of the stain. Let the stain dry for an hour after you have finished applying it.

5. Apply the polyurethane finish, which will give your wood floor a smooth feel and protect it from damage. Again, make sure you are following the grain of the wood and painting the coat on evenly. When you have completed your coat of polyurethane finish, allow it to dry for six to eight hours.

7. Lightly sand the floor with a fine sandpaper. Make sure to wipe up all the debit after you have sanded the floor so that you can apply a second coat of polyurethane finish.

8. Apply a second coat of polyurethane finish. Let it dry overnight before using the floor.

Additional Help

If you do not wish to stain your wood floor yourself, you can contact a painting professional to do it for you. With the help of TalkLocal, you can be on the phone in minutes with up to three high quality painting professionals in your area who will know how to stain wood floors, and are available when you are.

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