Exterior House Painting Preparation

Exterior House Painting Preparation - Painters

Painting the exterior of your home is a big job. But you can’t just dive in and start painting. Following the proper steps for exterior house painting preparation can increase the lifespan of your new paint job. Consider these factors before you begin painting.

Access to the Work Site: You might need scaffolding or a ladder in order to reach higher places. Scaffolding might be better because it gives you more room to move.

Cover and Protect: Set up a tarp to catch dust and scrapings. Cover anything you do not want painted, such as shrubs, flowerbeds, lawns, or trees near your house. Use drop cloths instead of a plastic trap because it will allow your plants to breathe while being protected from paint.

Remove Fixtures: Remove any shutters, light fixtures, or external decorations from your home.

Proper tools You Will Need

Pull Scrapers: These will help you remove any old paint on the house. Scrape horizontally, not vertically, so that you do not damage the wood. Scrape any paint that comes off easily.

– Electric Sander: Use an electric sander to get off any remaining paint that the scraper could not remove. Keep moving the sander around in order to prevent damaging the wood.

– Molding Scraper: Remove paint around windows or other fixtures with a molding scraper.

– Infrared Paint Stripper: In order to easily remove paint, especially on narrow window frames, use the infrared paint stripper. Infrared radiation penetrates through the paint and releases the adhesion between the wood and the paint. Check with your local equipment rental store or home improvement retailer if you are going to use one.

Wash and Dry: Once you have removed all the old paint, wash your house to remove any debris. Allow your house to dry for a few days before you begin painting.

Caulk: Caulk any gaps in moldings, door frames, windows frames, and anywhere else that needs to be sealed, so that paint does not leak in and damage the internal layers of your house.

Prime: Once you have removed all the old paint and your house is dry, apply a primer. The type of primer will depend on the type of paint you use. For example, if you use latex paint, you will use latex primer. Primer serves as a shield against nature’s elements and allows for strong paint adhesion.

Hire A Professional Painter

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